Accept Payments or Send Crypto Currencies globally

Set up cryptocurrency payments infrastructure, track orders, and manage your crypto earnings with an easy-to-use crypto payment gateway

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Fast Setup

Get started with our self-managed-product within minutes

Easy Conversions

Sell your crypto for other currencies


Chargebacks are a thing of the past


Receive payments from customers anywhere in the world

API Integrations

Turnkey API allows you to create custom checkouts and workflows

Powerful Control Panel

Powerful tools for crypto integration and business analysis

Easily accept and bill crypto to your customers

Accept crypto from your customers for all your goods and services

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Merchant dashboard

Access to all your crypto transactions through your dedicated Merchant dashboard

Track orders and payments

Choose between our e-commerce platform plugins and easy-to-integrate API

Streamline accounts

Finalise the setup and choose how it will appear on your website

Facilitate customer refunds

Access to 150 million cryptocurrency users worldwide and grow your business

Merchant Dashboard

Get paid in the most popular crypto currencies

100+ Underline most popular cryptocurrencies supported on Kriptopay

Bitcoin BTC
Etherium ETH
Litecoin LTC
Tether USDT
Dogecoin DOGE
Ripple XRP
Tron TRX

Developer-friendly API

No matter which merchant tool you will end up using, integrating Kriptopay payment solutions is as simple as it can be.

Developer-friendly API

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